An open software Enabler which aims at communications,Independent of the hardware and operating System.

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  • Unique Concept

    Which operates on the paradigm shift of dot com being single gatway to create websites, to VIRTUAL VALUT for creating website.

  • Evolving model

    Miisky facilitates E-commerce. And also showcases ones talents, hobbies.Miisky is an inclusive M-Portal and Web Portal, with a focus on mitigating some of the pain areas in communications.Miisky aims at connecting B2C and C2C. innovation that makes the user to maximize the power of internet, through APPS , for Android based Smart Phones, IOS, and Microsoft based OS.

  • Open software Enabler

    Which aims at communications,Independent of the hardware and operating System.

Svasth+, Health Monitoring and Safety Device

Make in India Initiative, the product is designed manufactured as ‘Make in India’ initiative and can be exported to different countries

Wrist Band wear Technology, the non invasive device is a total health management programme, that integrates doctors, hospitals, and quick support for exigencies and emergencies

The device can continuously monitor blood glucose, blood pressure, heart rate based on pulse oximetry, SPO2, heart rate based on ECG, body temperature, alcohol sensor for detecting health impacts of drinking, pedometer based on motion sensors, for fitness tracking.

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Packed Full of Powerful Features

Svasth+, a new technique which has high accuracy, low cost, wearable, covers all vital parameters, continuous measurement and records reading and analyses into meaningful results for effective medicine prescriptions. Through can track the device users, for safety tracking.

It also has a built-in panic button, and buzzer which facilitates location tracking of the user which is possible through GPRS, where triggered distress messages can be alerted to registered users, police, ambulance and doctors along with location.

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