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    Eat Healthy, On time and at Affordable cost

    Svasth Health foods, is an Integrated, Decentralized Global food aggregation Model,
    with a focus on providing the right food at the right time and at affordable cost,
    which is the best food plan crafted to suit your health parameter, your age, your food preferences and your preferred plan.

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    Assisted Food Plans Based On Your Health Monitor - Helps Natural Cure

    Upload your Health report
    Assisted Food Plan By Certified Nutrition Experts
    Follow the plan on your own or register for delivery of cooked Health food on time , at your door step
    Fully App Based
    Monitor your health improvement every month

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    Are you a Nutrition Expert, join the SVASTH HEALTH MOVEMENT

    Register as nutrition expert and upload your certificates
    The Members Health program will be tabulated and Mapped to your ID
    Prescribe the Food plan for the patients , that suits the Health monitor
    Fix the Standard Calories, Vitamin, and other parameters, for the patients
    Prescribe the Bill of Materials and the Cooking Standard Plan and Recipe
    Prescribe the Intake of suitable Fruits to enhance Energies

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    Register as a Food Entrepreneur, providing all your credentials
    Follow instructions of prescribed food orders, cooking instructions, packing instructions on your App
    Food ingredients will be supplied , based on the Inventory Algorithm, and the remuneration will be paid online after deducting Cost of supply.
    Food Safety Audit, Cleanliness Audit, and Food Quality Audit conducted and certified.
    Every Food customer will rate the Food Satisfaction Index (FSI), to be the basis for incentive.

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    Download Svasth App

    Register Online as Food buyer, Food Supplier, Nutrition Expert and Supply Chain Executive

    Select Food Plan

    Place order

    Choose Payment plan

    Speak to the Svasth Health expert for online Health Advice

Forget keto. Now, a diet tailored just for you

No Single Food Regimen Works For Everyone, Finds New Study

Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley

A decade ago, spurred by the success of the Human Genome Project and the affordability of genetic sequencing, scientists began to explore the promise of “nutrigenomics.” Could personalised nutrition, informed by knowledge of an individual’s DNA, help prevent and even treat diet-related diseases?

The results of early studies were compelling: Genetic differences seemed to predispose individuals to lose different amounts of weight on different types of diets. A multimillion-dollar industry soon sprang up, premised on marketing DNA-based diets. But subsequent research has failed to show any statistically significant difference in weight loss between overweight people who “eat right for their genotype” and those who do not.

Nutritionists have long observed that no one weight-loss strategy works for everyone. What, then, explains the variation in individual metabolism?

Last year, Tim Spector and Sarah Berry, epidemiologists at King’s College, London, and Andrew Chan, of Harvard Medical School, began an ambitious new search for the answer. Their new study, called Predict, is the world’s largest and most comprehensive experiment to look at individual responses to food.

Their preliminary results documented substantial and surprising variations in how well participants processed fats and carbohydrates, even among identical twins. How efficiently a person metabolised one macronutrient was no predictor of how that person might respond to another.

In 1992, Spector set up TwinsUK, a research registry that now includes over 13,000 identical and fraternal twins. Based on the twins, he concluded that genes contributed 70% of an individual’s risk for obesity, on average. He then began a series of studies to tease out which factors influenced the remaining 30%.

His study included 700 identical twins, 300 individual British volunteers and 100 subjects from the US, and gathered data on almost everything that can affect metabolism: gut microbiota, sleep duration, exercise, body fat composition and more.

The team concluded that genes play a limited role in how a person processes fats and carbohydrates. Among identical twins, only half of the amount and duration of an individual’s post-meal blood glucose level could be attributed to genetic influence.

A more detailed view has come only recently, with the advent of machine learning, wearable sensors and genetic sequencing. For one thing, experts say, the basic parameters of a healthy diet are already known: plenty of whole grains, pulses, leafy greens and other vegetables, enough healthy oils and seafood, and little red meat or refined carbohydrates. The problem is not that the guidelines are wrong or insufficiently personalised, but that people are not following them.

GST Strategy :

Corporate customers will be registered in miisky as parent and the Vendors and customers will be registered in the same platform. Existing client base of around 120 clients and around 70,000 customers as ASP services.Focus on Corporate Clients, MSME, Dealers, Manufactures, Transporters,Chartered Accountants, Tax Consultants will be given separate Vault series for their clients and customers for ASP services and GSP services. One can help compliance of their clients.

Services will be based on SAAS basis, and support by backend team for Invoice matching and Forms upload to GSTN. Interactive training, Professional support, FAQ publications will be online.Digital Signatures, OTP, Secured Password , Encrypted Documents have been programmed for retrieval.

GST Ecosystem

Integrating Parent (company) customer, Vendor through E-Invoice, E-waybill, generated as per GSTN format, Trigger mail, to all for every event. Backend Follow-up, upload verification by AARMs Team

End to End Solutions

Using the secured Access, all templates can be uploaded and validated by clients. Validation of GSTR Forms can be monitored by client. Customisation of Reports Can be supported.

GSP solutions

Exclusive website for GSP Services.OTP for all events,Digital Signatures enabled, Compliances using APPKEY and API. Successful uploads and failures with time stamp logged.

Svasth Health foods, value proposition includes

Health Parameters

Prescribed by Nutrition Experts

Clean decentralised Kitchen & defined cooking Process.

Timely Delivery

Continuous measurement of health

Organic and Un-contaminated Ingredients

Safe and Non Plastic Packing

Measure Satisfaction Index

Affordable Cost

Cooked and distributed at close to your house, workplace or travel place

Svasth Health foods as an Aggregator and Integrator,

Register as a Nutrition Specialist

Register as a Health Food Buyer

Register as a Health Food consultant

Register as a Svasth Supply Chain executive

Register as a Svasth Team Leader & Quality Manager

Register as a Customer Facilitator

Download APPS, and follow instructions for selecting plans, and integrators

Use Expert advice and cook your own Health food, or integrate with the preferred Food service provider

Pay online, Rate your experience, Complaint online, change plans, Change locations

Svasth Health foods – How it works.

Upload your Health check up report

Monitor your Vital health parameters using the Svasth Monitors.

Select Break fast,Lunch and dinner .

Every Selection calculates the Nutrition, Calories and other Health Quotient

The System Alerts change to the prescribed plan by the Nutritionists.

The finalised plan is allotted to the nearest Food supplier.

The despatch will be done at the prescribed time by the allotted SCM executive

The Payments can be made on week, Fortnightly or Monthly basis

Rate your experience and escalate your concerns and express your suggestions.

Monitor your Health on real time, through Svasth devices, or request for a Home Health monitor support.

Svasth+, Health Monitoring and Safety Device

Make in India Initiative, the product is designed manufactured as ‘Make in India’ initiative and can be exported to different countries

Wrist Band wear Technology, the non invasive device is a total health management programme, that integrates doctors, hospitals, and quick support for exigencies and emergencies

The device can continuously monitor blood glucose, blood pressure, heart rate based on pulse oximetry, SPO2, heart rate based on ECG, body temperature, alcohol sensor for detecting health impacts of drinking, pedometer based on motion sensors, for fitness tracking.

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